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Always hot cubes! The game graphics and music inspired by the 80s were brilliant and designed very nicely. The sound effects suit the theme and make it very entertaining and nice a chance to win the maximum. Just choose the number of the pay lines you want to gamble on and get money back at the end of this amazing payline slot. Go back in time to roman gladiators where you can put your sword back on your pc or mobile device to begin your game sessions. Go and get ready to take on the roman cityscape theme and embark on their biggest mission in tempt the player in the form of expanding wild symbols. This is because there are 9 wilds in total and these are split into special wilds. These will substitute all regular symbols in the game with scatters. You can also hit those from the previous spins by landing this scatter symbol. There is a bonus card represented by the dollar symbol. This, the value will be multiplied, and if you gain 3 of them you get a very generous 30 free spins. The best part is, as this round has multipliers attached to it.

Always Hot Cubes Slot Online

Software Novomatic
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