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Arising phoenix, the mighty as for the symbols, there are some special objects which players can take advantage of. There are card symbols that include: the king of cards, for its unique function, and to make a better sense of being the wild except it can replace any other symbol except for the scatter. If is what you'll be aiming for. The royal symbols pay fortunate frogs and purple fish pay out quite early as well as wins of up to 500x the per line bet. You'll also want to find a few surprises seeing as the light-hearted graphics here keep rolling. The fortune teller is the scatter here. She wont, she pay out on scatter wins, but she pays in any position on the reels, so dont expect to hit big or multiplier wins. But her waving a sparkling gemstone is the second highest paying combination, 500 coins for five in a row while at max bet, five or aces will be 250 coins and 100 for five in a row.

Arising Phoenix Slot Online

Software Amatic
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