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Bubble bonanza is another nice and refreshing machine from playpearls. Theres the same old school design, but with the bonus rounds on offer and a gamble function, bringing it to life in unison. What is more, although the brand is known for its innovative gaming experience, you wont find re-optimised gameplay here, nor do they offers just the one feature game. The aesthetics of the game are pretty much what youd expect from a retro slot machine, with only three symbols to be placed on the reels. There are sevens, cherries, bars and sevens used, a single gold 7, a huge diamond, a large a dollar sign, and the bag full moon all of which is clear from the californian gaming control systems of this slot. The ui of the game is two separate pages. One has the information panel that comes up with the bet max button, collect stake max, spin and collect time.

Bubble Bonanza Slot Online

Software Microgaming
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