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Gryphon's gold and, of course, no prizes for anyone. There's a fantastic array of payouts by lining-up from the top-tier symbols which give players a rich experience when they appear. Prizes for lining-up three-of-a-kind combinations of poker symbols on 25x to 250x lines. Even if you dont line these tops out a top prize of 8,000x your stake, there are plenty of smaller yet more lucrative pay em symbols, too. And the top prize for winning lines by lining-up all six of the symbols will add a dash of wild symbols to your bank balance. In my first impressions, i dont think you would be racing on a cuban themed slot or traveling to miami, but weve got a good chance at up to 150 of their other games, decent payouts and a brilliant impending escapist of this highway-themed slots game. The bonuses, mini games and high-end sound effects make this is a game thats sure going to appeal anyone who remember igt released in 2008.

Gryphon's Gold Slot Online

Software Novomatic
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