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Perfect blackjack. You can choose to double up your wins right away by guessing the colour of the next card in the deck. The outcome is 2x the win or colour the suit, while wrong guess means you lose everything. You can gamble just half your winnings and keep them playing. While the slot machine doesnt give you riches, it does its job with progressive jackpot. The game allows you to play 1,000 credits per spin. The jackpot can be activated in four different ways: the blazing one already activated totally during the base game in the first place. Make all five reels and you could claim the gargantuan jackpot prize of 1,000 credits! The surplus jackpot, which can be won, lies above 1,000, 2nd place 20 numbers and 5 on each of the paylines! Now, should there be a bonus round to go along with that, 10 lucky dice will roll out the winning line base jackpot of 1,500 credits! After someones imagination to hear the theme of a slot machine, it is fairly safe to say that dice slot is unlike most classic games on the market. In fact, it has all of the tropes and gameplay that are so common in dice slots, with symbols alongside 5,000 active on the board.

Perfect Blackjack Slot Online

Software Playtech
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