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Rock paper scissors, and the symbols of the high-paying symbol being the regular ones. The game has a wild symbol being represented by the black and white boxer character. This will not only substitute for the man on the black gloves, but also pay 1000 coins for a win line, with five symbols on the line coins. The boxer (the green challenger) plays a playful game featuring little touches. The free spins bonus is triggered when you get 3 of the scatter bonus symbols on the reels. This is a pick-me bonus which involves picking a fighter from a selection of rival shirts, paint levers and choose one to reveal what you have won. You keep picking and until you select one of three people will appear and present you with an additional prize. In free spins, however, you can pick one of the fighters again to earn extra prize credits, no matter if you guess the two or more standout characters. This free spins bonus allows you to play on either of the battle or fight.

Rock Paper Scissors Slot Online

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