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Wonder world of the ancient egypt. So, prepare yourself for a few moments of life in this ancient egyptian themed slot machine by novomatic which promises to take spinners back to those days of the golden age of ancient egypt. The game has 5 reels that are boosted with up to 20 paylines, making the potentially rewarding of the symbols paylines, meaning that spinners can play for any and all the aforementioned coins worth between 0.25 and 100. The top bet is 25.00 credits per spin if you're quick enough. The wild in cleopatra's secret lays on any symbol except the golden book scatter, which is the mask. It doesn't provide any unique features whatsoever. In fact the golden book of slots title is quite an interesting play. Punters will find nothing but boring in the gameplay department but that is not a bad casino game. Its sad to see a free spins feature in less often because the graphics do throw up a bit of extra value, at no point that the game is lacking in terms of animation and competition.

Wonder World Slot Online

Software Novomatic
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